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Tri Tip - American Wagyu

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Rugby Scott's American Wagyu Tri Tip is a type of premium beef that is renowned for its exquisite flavor and texture. The Tri Tip cut has a unique triangular shape and is incredibly tender when cooked correctly. This beef has an intense beefy flavor and a rich, juicy texture. It is best cooked over an open flame or in a cast iron skillet over high heat.

Rugby Scott's American Wagyu Tri Tip is a great choice for grilling, roasting, and even slow cooking, making it a versatile cut of beef that can be used in a variety of recipes. The high heat helps to caramelize the outside of the beef, giving it a perfectly seared and flavorful crust that pairs perfectly with the juicy and tender interior.

Cut: American Wagyu Silver - $69.00
Size: 2-2.25lb

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Cut: American Wagyu Silver - $69.00
Size: 2-2.25lb

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Wagyu cattle were first imported into the United States in 1975 when two black and two red bulls were imported by Morris Whitney. In 1989 the Japanese began to reduce their tariffs on imported beef and which encouraged U.S. producers to produce a high quality product for export to Japan.

During the 1990’s there were several importations of Wagyu males and females into the U.S., most were black, but a few red Wagyu were also imported. Wagyu genetics around the world today outside of Japan can be traced to these imports.

Later, in the 1990's the Japanese Government banned further exports of Wagyu genetics (semen, embryos, and live cattle) and declared Wagyu a national living treasure.

Most U.S. production of Wagyu beef was exported to Japan until 2003 when BSE was discovered, Japan and other countries halted further importations of U.S. beef. However, chefs and others were aware of the superior eating quality Wagyu beef offered and the domestic market has greatly expanded.

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